We celebrate achieving 10k downloads (!!) with a fantastic episode with our first ever trans-Atlantic guest, Dr Yelena Bogdan, a US Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon working in New York.

Join Yelena's story and our talk on Star Wars vs Star Trek (for which Pete did the most research he has done yet for any podcast), and the frank commercialism of baby Yoda. We discuss growing up in Russia and East Germany (Yelena, not us), before moving to the US and pursuing the American dream.

Yelena tells us about Stony Brook medical school followed by navigating the challenges of the US matching scheme, Residency training in Boston and then Fellowship at HSS.

We consider luck vs opportunity before Pete makes it really weird and brings in time travel (blame Apple News).

Yelena then tells us about her life as an attending and how her career has evolved and flourished. We talk about her use of twitter as a social and educational tool, her role as a social media ambassador with the AAOS and OTA, and how she maximises her reach and effectiveness.

We also review how to stay on the right side of patient confidentiality laws and when social media goes wrong (plus we pity the fool who questions Chip Routt).

We consider Yelena's mentors and the impact they have had on her career and practice, before Pete tells us about his similarities with Matthew McConaughey...

We highlight to Yelena why we think she is such an excellent educator, and the relationship between pre-operative planning, training, and success.

Yelena then tells us about the way she practices evidence-based practice: the journals she reads, her indexing system, and how this has grown into her role curating the evidence resource list for the Orthopaedic Trauma Association.

We finish up talking about the future of trauma care in the USA and compare it with that here in the UK, before rounding up with some excellent take-home points...

...and much much more!

As always, listen out to the end for a musical Easter Egg.

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