Welcome to the latest episode of the see one / do one podcast.

In this episode we speak with Heather Vallier, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon and Medical Director at MetroHealth in Cleveland, and a Professor of Orthopaedics at Case Weston Reserve University.

She is a colossus of research output around orthopaedic trauma and popularised the concept of “Early Appropriate Care” - her name is mentioned in every lecture, discussion and journal club around the world when discussing the topic of orthopaedic polytrauma.

Heather is the 36th President of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA), and the first ever female president.

She is also one of Pete’s orthopaedic heroes, as he reveals! In this wide-ranging and fun conversation we cover many different aspects of Heather’s life and career including:

  • how to pronounce her surname properly!
  • her time at medical school and how she chose orthopaedics as a career
  • how she ended up in orthopaedic trauma and the support / challenges she encountered
  • residency training and fellowship
  • how she thrived as a woman in a traditionally male-orientated specialty
  • the value of allies and mentorship and key mentors in her own journey
  • having children as a medical student and intern
  • and how she balances work and home-life
  • some background on how “early appropriate care” came to be
  • how it defines a proportion of her career
  • and where the future lies in the field of orthopaedic polytrauma
  • the difference between self-efficacy and recidivism
  • recovery after trauma and breaking the cycle of trauma and repeated harm
  • violence prevention and key initiatives she is involved with
  • her relationship with the OTA and becoming President
  • will there ever be a national US trauma system and registry and where the challenges lie
  • and why Kash has to go to the next OTA meeting...
  • her time as fitness instructor
  • and much more!


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