Course Instructors

Kash Akhtar Kash Akhtar Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Peter Bates Peter Bates Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Alex Trompeter Alex Trompeter Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Ash Vasireddy Ash Vasireddy Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Alex Vris Alex Vris Consultant orthopaedic surgeon

ODM stands for Orthopaedic Decision Making.

We are excited to launch our new ODM series about interpreting x rays in tibial plateau fractures

ODM educational video series brings a new way of learning via interactive annotated videos for orthopaedic surgeons.

Traditional surgical training involves learning operations in a stepwise manner. We intend to break down the key transitions in between the steps and make it more transparent. 

In particular, we want to lift the curtain on surgical decision making. With tips and tricks along the way to help your understanding and to make your daily practice easier.

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