episode 13: raiders of the lost arc

aka shoulder instability for dummies.

Following on from our orthohub webinar, Kash and Pete dive into the murky world of shoulder instability.

Our guest is Graham Tytherleigh-Strong, described by many as a gentleman surgeon.

We discuss all aspects of shoulder instability, including hypothetical situations of shoulder dislocations in ever-changing ages and genders (try and keep up!)

We also get the lowdown on life in a real tank and Graham's training and career, as well as finding glaring holes in Pete's knowledge of eponymous conditions.

We dissect:

  • the first-time dislocator, their management and risks of further dislocation
  • the ins and outs of return to sport after conservative treatment
  • anterior glenohumeral instability in the contact athlete
  • when to operate and when not to
  • what to do with recurrent atraumatic dislocators
  • and what does "sequencing" actually mean
  • comparisons with patella instability
  • how to spot a "muscle patterner" and the role of the Stanmore triangle
  • why do shoulder stabilisations fail
  • what is a "Ibahibine"
  • what to do when Latarjets go wrong
  • ..and much much more!

It really is impressive listening to Graham trying to be professional throughout whilst trying to handle two jokers with limited knowledge of the field. He explains things brilliantly in simple language that anyone can understand, so much so that Pete is now all set for a new career as a shoulder arthroscopist!

As always, listen out to the end for a musical Easter Egg, this time a request from our guest!

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