6pm GMT+1 | 11am MDT | 12pm CDT | 1pm EDT
12.00pm PDT | 7pm CET | 1am KL / HK | 3am AEDT

This session is all about diversity in orthopaedics. We have an outstanding faculty talking about gaining a career in orthopaedic surgery and the stigma around work/life balance.

This session will be covering the concerns surrounding work/life balance within orthopaedics, such as:

  • How it is a realistically possible career for both men and women
  • How support is available throughout all stages to make it possible for everyone to reach their goals


  • Anh Nguyen: Session Chair
  • Deepa Bose: Session Co-Chair - "Everything you wanted to know about Orthopaedics but were afraid to ask"
  • Deborah Eastwood: "What to worry about, and what not to"
  • Fergal Monsell: "35 years of hiding in plain sight"
  • Sarah Downie: "How fair Orthopaedic training is in the UK"
  • Apoorva Khajuria: "Achieving success whilst maintaining a work-life balance as a trainee"

This evening of talks is for medical students and junior doctors who are pursuing or interested in pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Orthopaedics can be a highly rewarding career; however, there are challenges along the way. Gaining an insight into how these challenges have been overcome by more experienced surgeons can give you some guidance to thrive when faced with these obstacles and navigate your career path from an early stage.

In this series of talks, several highly successful orthopaedic surgeons will talk to you about how they achieved success while juggling their work-life balance at various career stages. Professor Deborah Eastwood, one of the most influential women in European orthopaedics, will pass on her words of wisdom and talk about “what to worry about, and what not to” in a surgeon’s journey in orthopaedics. After her talk, Ms Deepa Bose will tell you about “everything you wanted to know about orthopaedics but were afraid to ask”. Following is Mr Fergal Monsell who will tell you what he has learnt in “35 years of hiding in plain sight”. Mrs Samantha Downie will share with you her insight of how fair orthopaedic training is in the UK and what one can expect from their training, as well as her reflection on time out of training for research, maternity leave and the GOAST Orthopaedic gender equality study. Ms Apoorva Khajuria, who ranked top in the UK in the 2021 ST3 National Selection for Trauma and Orthopaedics, will share with you how she has achieved such success while maintaining a work-life balance as a trainee.

We trust that you will have a thought provoking yet enjoyable and fun evening.

Target audience: orthopaedic surgeons & trainees, junior doctors and medical students, orthopaedic industry & orthopaedic training / research institutions, orthopaedic nurses specialists, administrative staff and allied healthcare professionals.

We have applied for 3 CPD points for this session

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