Everything you need to know and do to succeed at the ST3 interview

Session Overview:

This session will be covering all you need to know to excel at the T&O ST3 Interview:

  • Introduction by the National Lead for ST3 Interviews
  • Reflections from current interviewers
  • Reflections from recent successful candidates
  • The interview process
  • Walk through guide and tips on each station
  • How to come across well in the virtual environment

Speakers and talk titles -

  • James Houston: Session Chair
  • Mark Crowther: National Lead for T&O ST3 Selection - Interview overview
  • Cronan Kerin: TPD and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Advice from previous interviewers
  • Patrick Lancaster: Current ST3 - Walkthrough and Tips for Portfolio station
  • Matt Hague:  Current ST3 - Walkthrough and Tips for Prioritisation station
  • Jawaad Saleem: Current ST3 - Walkthrough and Tips for Clinical Station
  • Lisa Hadfield-Law: Interviewing virtually & other pearls for success

Target audience: orthopaedic trainees