Learn how to examine the radial nerve in orthohub’s examinations series.  

It’s the third in the series and this time, registered orthopaedic surgeon, Tom Quick, examines the radial nerve, right from the roots to the 1st dorsal webspace.

Explore all those areas where it tends to get clobbered! 

  • do you really get a wrist drop with a posterior interosseous palsy?
  • what’s the actual difference between ECRL and ECRB and does it matter?
  • are triceps usually affected by a RN injury in the upper arm?
  • are you able to extend your IPJs if the nerve has gone?

Answers to all this and everything RN, plus the PDF to download along with it.  This is killer footage!

And stay tuned, Brachial plexus is next…

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