Learn how to examine the brachial plexus in orthohub’s examinations series.  

The Brachial Plexus - Aaaaargh! Can someone please simplify this for me? Done! 

Following examination of the three trunk nerves to the hand, UK orthopaedic surgeon Tom Quick (@TJQPNI) this time does the brachial plexus in full. The Valhalla!

In this instalment, Tom gives us his quick run-through of the examination ‘dance’ - just as you would (should!) do in clinic.  There’s no explanation here, just the clean run-through.  This gives you an idea of what the examination looks like in real life.

Be Warned!  It goes pretty quickly and it’s easy to get lost, so brace yourself!

This is followed by a much more detailed video of how to examine each muscle and root sensation individually, taking time to explain each bit.  Then you can go back to this one and it’ll all make perfect sense! 

Brachial plexus examination made simple....or as simple as we can possibly make it! Watch the second installment here.

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