This is the second conversation with Mr Prim Achan, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon, previous ABC Fellow and Training Programme Director for the Percivall Pott rotation.

The topics covered are so universal and widely applicable that this episode will be of interest to all physicians and surgeons alike, from *all* backgrounds and specialities, as well as to *anyone* involved in managing teams. 

We discuss:

  • an introduction to medical leadership
  • why leadership is a very sensitive topic in medicine
  • the role of the Specialist Advisory Committee
  • the difference between intent and impact
  • who in British Orthopaedics is most like Blofeld?
  • what can we learn from the '90s Chicago Bulls?
  • different leadership styles
  • why leadership in sports is not transferrable to medicine
  • what is leadership?
  • ability vs credibility
  • qualifications in leadership
  • leading yourself
  • starting leadership roles early in training
  • the concept of the Dutch Uncle
  • leading a department
  • the value of a consultant development programme
  • how to truly know yourself
  • why Michael Jordan would be a terrible medical leader
  • preventing and managing rifts between colleagues
  • why Prim refuses to buy crisps in the local tavern
  • other great sporting teams
  • the biggest problem with medical recruitment
  • an introduction to shaping a team
  • 3 great leaders who were bad people
  • and much more!

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