Kash Akhtar & Prim Achan

I really enjoyed this wide-ranging conversation with Mr Prim Achan, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon, previous ABC Fellow and Training Programme Director for the Percivall Pott rotation.

The topics covered are so universal and widely applicable that this episode will be of interest to all physicians and surgeons alike, from *all* backgrounds and specialities.

We discuss:

  • what factors are needed to build a world-class department
  • how to choose a mentor
  • how to give meaningful advice to mentees
  • the differences between a mentor vs an advisor vs a coach
  • our personal experience of fellowships
  • 5 things that make a great fellowship
  • do you have to do an overseas fellowship?
  • should you do 2 fellowships?
  • when to leave a fellowship early
  • the benefit of travelling fellowships
  • and more!

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