We were privileged to have had this fun and wide-ranging conversation with one of the most influential and respected orthopaedic surgeons in the world, Dr Mohit Bhandari.

Dr. Bhandari is widely considered a global leader in the promotion of evidence-based surgery and orthopaedic research.

He is a Professor and University Scholar at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, where he has just stepped down as Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Mohit is the Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Based Orthopaedics, which is awarded to outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields.

He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of OrthoEvidence, the President of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association and has been awarded the Order of Canada, an honour which recognises the outstanding merit or distinguished service of Canadians who make a major difference to Canada through lifelong contributions.

In this fun and fascinating conversation, we discuss:

  • how he transitioned from heavy metal to rap and hip-hop
  • why he initially chose medicine, and then orthopaedic trauma as a career choice
  • Mohit's top 5 rappers of all time
  • followed by his top 5 orthopaedic surgeons!
  • his time as Chair of MacOrtho and some of the challenges he encountered
  • what it's like to build a surgical 'brand'
  • writing > 1,000 papers!
  • evidence-based practice and the large, collaborative international trials that he is best known for
  • advantages and challenges of pragmatic trials
  • the future of orthopaedic research
  • discipline, handling work emails and WhatsApp messages
  • Bhandari's morning routine and mantras
  • the importance of legacy and the value of knowing when to move on
  • what it's like to join the Air Canada Million Mile Club
  • his passion for painting and mountain biking
  • ..and much much more!

As always, listen out to the end for a musical surprise, this time a special request from Pete!

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