tips, tricks and tactics for tibial plateaus

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tibial plateau fractures

The orthohub team is very excited to bring you this webinar on the management of tibial plateau fractures. We have a truly fantastic international faculty for you from England, Scotland and the US of A.

The aim of this webinar is to provide something for everyone treating tibial plateau fractures!

Is it just us or do tibial plateau fractures seem to be getting trickier and more challenging? Join us as we break them down and simplify things for you.

When do you go prone? When do you need a posteromedial approach and plate, and when should you add a direct posterior plate? Logistically, what do you do with the posterior incision and dressing if you then need to flip the patient over and go supine for an anterolateral plate too?

How do you hold a reduction without your clamp or wire getting in the way of your plate?

And what is the best way to reduce a depressed articular fragment- what’s the best way to make a trapdoor and what is the triple reamer trick? And should you ever use bone graft, and if you do, paste or putty or chips??

Yelena Bogdan (@invictaortho) will kick us off by demonstrating some of the excellent practical tips and tricks that she has become well known for, which have led to her becoming one of the foremost high-quality contributors on twitter in orthopaedic trauma. Yelena also did a fantastic orthohub see one / do one podcast with us recently, which you can check out here if you haven’t already!

Tim White from Edinburgh will then discuss the management of tibial plateau fractures in elderly patients with osteoporosis, one of the most challenging and fastest growing areas of lower limb trauma.

Chloe Scott (@Edinburghknee) will then tell us when should we consider arthroplasty in the acute setting after a tibial plateau fracture? What are the key decision making factors, what does that algorithm look like, the timing of surgery, how do you manage bone defects and any tips and tricks? And what about weight bearing afterwards, surely these patients can’t be toe-touch weight bearing for 10-12 weeks??

This event will be hosted by Kash Akhtar and Pete Bates a knee surgeon and a trauma surgeon who are experienced in managing high energy tibial fractures.

Not only will we talk about decision making, but this webinar will also describe surgical and non-surgical detail plus invaluable technical tips.

The webinar would not be what it is without your input also so please do get involved on the night through the interactive Q&A and ask any burning or pertinent questions that you have. Just don’t ask Pete about the menisci…

Target audience: all orthopaedic practitioners, from consultants/attending grades through to surgical trainees, PAs, nurse specialists plaster technicians and industry colleagues welcome.

This webinar and associated education has been given 3.5 CPD points by the Royal College of Surgeons