knee injuries: lessons learnt from elite sports

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Jon Houghton Jon Houghton Author
Andy Williams Andy Williams Author
Kyle A. Borque Kyle A. Borque Author
Ciara Ciara Author

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Course Information

The orthohub team is thrilled to be bring you this webinar in collaboration with Fortius Clinic, the UK’s largest single orthopaedic MSK group.

We have an exceptional international faculty from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the USA, all experienced in the multidisciplinary management of elite athletes. We will be drawing on this wealth of expertise to find out what lessons learnt from the diagnosis and treatment of elite athletes can be applied to the management of amateur athletes, as well as tips and tricks to help better manage all of our patients.

Andy Williams is a knee surgeon at Fortius Clinic and a Reader at Imperial College London, where is active in the clinical application of basic science research. He has been the primary knee surgeon for many of the UK’s professional sports teams including 75% of English Premier League football teams and 80% of English Premiership rugby teams. 50% of his patients are professional athletes and he undertakes around 100 ACL reconstructions a year, with a multi-ligament knee reconstruction every 2 weeks.

Andy has an international reputation in treating soft-tissue knee injuries in high-demand professional athletes, and this has been recognised with his appointment to the ACL Study group, as well as being the first UK member of The Herodicus Society.

Ciara Stevenson is a specialist knee surgeon in Belfast, who undertook specialist fellowship training in Brisbane and Coventry. She has published and presented her research in meniscal allograft transplantation and complex soft tissue knee injuries, and this is reflected in her specialist clinical practice.

Kyle Borque is an Orthopaedic Sports Surgeon in Houston, Texas, and specialises in treating soft tissue knee injuries in athletes. He is a physician to the US men’s soccer (football!) team and was previously a team physician to the New England Patriots NFL team. His clinical practice has a strong emphasis on revision ACL reconstructions and multi-ligament knee injuries.

Jonathan Houghton is dual-trained as a Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine and also in Rheumatology. He is the Chief Medical Officer to the Wales men’s national football team and the team doctor at Surrey County Cricket Club. He is also the chair of the Royal College of Physicians Sports and Exercise Medicine Committee, and was previously the head of lower limb rehabilitation for the Armed Forces at DMRC Headley Court. His areas of specialist interest include lower limb tendinopathy and exercise induced leg pain.

We believe this webinar will be of huge interest and value to orthopaedic surgeons, sports and exercise physicians, physiotherapists and all allied health professionals treating sports-related knee injuries.

Registration is free and we hope as many of you as possible join us on the night and get involved in the chat and with the interactive Q&A. See you at 7.30pm on December 9th!


Target audience: all orthopaedic practitioners, from consultants/attending grades through to surgical trainees, PAs, nurse specialists and plaster technicians. Industry colleagues welcome faculty.

The Royal College of Surgeons England has awarded upto 3.5 CPD points for this session