COVID-19 x training: the impact on orthopaedic training: what does it mean for you?

Course Instructors

Robert Gregory Robert Gregory Chair of the SAC
Lisa Hadfield-Law Lisa Hadfield-Law Surgical Educationalist
Tricia Campbell Tricia Campbell BOTA President 2019-20
Kash Akhtar Kash Akhtar orthohub

This webinar was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the current training issues in orthopaedics with the  Tricia Campbell current BOTA president , Rob Gregory chair of the Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) , the BOA Education Lead and a Training Programme Director, and Lisa Hadfield-Law surgical educationalist and advisor to the BOA.

This special webinar explores the impact of COVID-19 on orthopaedic trainees and trainers. The evolving COVID-19 pandemic is significantly affected every single person and changed all aspect of our normal practices. Elective operating has been stopped, the way we manage trauma has altered  and many trainees have been redeployed to areas away from orthopaedics.

We explore issues around national selection which has been cancelled, along with all training courses and specialist meetings being postponed. Most regional teaching programmes have been put on hold too. It is therefore not a surprise that this has resulted in uncertainty regarding training and what this means for trainees and trainers going forwards.

Surgical training has been a very fast moving area for the past 2 months and the panel will use this opportunity to update the audience on the latest news to help them navigate new challenges in the workplace.

Key topics to be discussed will include:

  • national selection
  • rotations and placements
  • WBAs
  • critical CBDs (we are planning on running an orthohub webinar to cover these soon)
  • regional teaching
  • ARCP and outcome-10
  • impact on fellowships due to start in the next 6-12 months
  • effect on CCT dates
  • making the most of learning opportunities / reflection during this challenging period
  • personal care and well being
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