COVID-19 x Charnley: the conservative management of orthopaedic injuries

Course Instructors

Peter Bates Peter Bates Author
Alex Trompeter Alex Trompeter Author
Livio Di Masco Livio Di Masco Author

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With the global COVID-19 pandemic, orthopaedic surgeons are being challenged to consider whether many of the fractures that we have become accustomed to treating surgically can actually be managed non-operatively. As our ability to carry out general anaesthesia and specialist blocks becomes constrained and our desire to keep patients out of hospital intensifies, this webinar considers the fundamental question of which fractures can be safely managed non-operatively, and what that treatment looks like.

Join us on  Wednesday 15th April at 8pm to hear our panels thoughts and discuss with them.

Target audience – all orthopaedic practitioners, from consultants/attending grades through to surgical trainees, PAs, nurse specialists and plaster techs.

The Royal College of Surgeons England has awarded upto 2 CPD points for this session

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