We discuss revision knee surgery with Mr. Peter James (Nottingham).

Peter James is a consultant surgeon in Nottingham who undertakes a large number of hip and knee replacement operations each year both in the NHS and privately at the Park Hospital and has developed a national and international reputation for revision and complex knee replacement. He has particular expertise and experience in high performance knee replacements for active patients and difficult revision knee surgery. In September 2010 he was recognised by his peers as being amongst the UK’s top knee replacement surgeons in a survey conducted by the Daily Mail.

Questions that we cover include:

1.  Is some pain almost inevitable after TKR and how do you assess the painful TKR?

2.  Should revision TKRs be done at specialist centers and what have we learnt from the NJR?

3.  What are the key surgical steps in revision TKR and is there a role for robotics?

4.  Do you think robotic assisted surgery will reduce revision TKRs?

5.  What advances do you anticipate in the field of revision TKRs?