In this episode we cover knee osteotomy surgery and joint preservation with Mr. Matthew Dawson. 

Matthew Dawson is one of the leading authorities on osteotomy surgery in the UK and he is a founder member of the Osteotomy Expert Group. Mr Dawson is a strong advocate of the principle of joint preservation in order to prolong knee activity and knee function to the highest level. He launched the annual Northern Osteotomy Masterclass. in June 2015 and he is a founder member of UKKOR, the world’s first national osteotomy registry. He is the current chair of ESSKA’s Osteotomy committee.

Questions that we cover include:

1.  Is there an age or functional cut off for knee osteotomy and what pre-operative tests are essential?

2.  Is osteotomy ever a temporary solution?

3.  What are the recent technical advances in osteotomy surgery?

4.  What are the key intraoperative steps?

5.  How do you rehabilitate your patients?