In episode 12, we speak with Mr. Abtin Alvand (Oxford) who is an expert in treating patients with prosthetic joint infections (PJI). He delivers a powerful and comprehensive review of everything from identifying PJI to the management options. He also speaks about what the future holds in what some consider to be the 'next frontier' in arthroplasty surgery. 

We cover the following questions:

1.  What are the main methods for prevention of peri-prosthetic joint infections?

2.  Have we solved the problem of diagnosing infection?

3.  Should revision arthroplasty be a one or two stage procedure?

4.  What is the role of plastic surgery in revision knee arthroplasty?

5.  What advances do you see in the field of prosthetic joint infections?

Mr Abtin Alvand is a Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon in Oxford who undertook specialist clinical fellowships in complex hip and knee surgery in Oxford and Stanmore before completing a Fellowship focusing on peri-prosthetic joint infection at the Rothman Institute (Philadelphia, USA) with Professor J Parvizi. Abtin has an unrivalled experience in the management of peri-prosthtic joint and he is a member of the International Consensus Group for the management of peri-prosthetic joint infection and he also sits on the UK Revision Knee Surgery and Peri-prosthetic Joint Infection Working Groups. Abtin also has an interest in simulation-based training methods for teaching and assessing surgical skills.