The next in our series of ‘orthohub stories’, this time we’re with Swee Chai Ang. Orthopaedic surgeon, Aid worker, Activist and Author. She sits in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame to boot!

Swee talks about her parents and how their strength and harrowing experiences in captivity, forged the iron in her. She talks about how to make a difference to others and what it is to help people who are in need. We discuss how it was to become a female orthopaedic surgeon, back in a time when they could be counted on one hand. She describes the unique love story with her husband Francis, a relationship that was punctuated by periods of time in prison, undergoing interrogation and fleeing Singapore to the UK as refugees.  

We hear about her journey to Beirut, why she went and some of the horrors of war that she encountered. The story is humbling and, in places, very sad yet absolutely compelling to hear.

She speaks very candidly about how different faiths can work together to find common ground. We end on a hopeful note, discussing what it might take to find peace in a region where memories of conflict, hostility and perceived injustice are culturally engrained.

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