Welcome to the latest episode of the see one / do one podcast. In this episode we talk all about research.
Hold on - we know this could be a somewhat dry topic, but not when done in our unique orthohub way!
Our guests are Matt Costa and Dan Perry, two TITANS of orthopaedic academia who get their message across very well, and are great value too! Matt is a Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma at the University of Oxford and has been a leading light in the rise of the pragmatic trial - research done in the real world that directly impacts our daily work and how we actually treat patients. Dan is an NIHR Professor of Children's Surgery and Emergency Care and leads global randomised clinical trials in paediatric orthopaedic surgery and paediatric acute care. He is also a current ABC Fellow. Dan's research focuses on epidemiology and effectiveness research. He has an interest in 'big data' and clinical trials of orthopaedic interventions.In this wide-ranging and fun conversation we cover many different topics including:
  • their very different journeys into research and the world of academia
  • the problem with pragmatic trials, and why they have upset some of the orthopaedic community
  • the ying and yang between academics in their "ivory towers" vs everyone else in the "real world"
  • the challenges with multi-centre / international collaborations
  • does being good at academia impact how good you are at operating
  • how juniors undertaking research can avoid being taken for a ride
  • how do we stop poor quality research
  • are journals a scam
  • the future of research and impact
  • and much more!
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