Med students and Residents know what they are getting themselves into when they choose this path: sleepless nights, insane shifts, lack of social life and the investment of at least an entire decade to their education only. Entering the medical field is certainly not for everyone, as this ecosystem is conformed by hard working professionals who are willing to make personal sacrifices on behalf of their careers and patients. In this episode, Dr. Rosie Sendher, Dr. Erica Fisk and Dr. Fred Lam sit down to chat about what motivated them to become doctors, the evolution of their careers alongside their own mindsets, and their unique definitions for success.

Dr. Fred Lam is a surgeon scientist in the Division of Neurosurgery in McMaster University. He is a passionate student of the use of nanotechnology and precision medicine approaches for the treatment of brain tumors, and is excited about the integration of disruptive technologies in his field of practice.

Regardless of your career, it is most likely that you doubt your own knowledge and skills, constantly compare yourself to others, and overall feel like you’re not where you pictured yourself to be. That happens to everyone, afterall, it is part of the human experience. In the end, it all comes down to being authentic, and vibing with the person that you want to be. Listen to this episode to learn more about what it is like to be a part of the medical academic machine, and how to improve your mental health and confidence at every step of your own journey.

In this episode we chat about:

  • (00:38) - Fred’s, Erica’s and Rosie’s motivations behind the pursuit of their medical career paths - “I define success through the mentors who guided me through that work, and the colleagues and support that I had to do this.”
  • (13:25) - On the sacrifices med students and residents make on behalf of their careers, and the concept of success inside of the field - “The job security may not always be there, yet you’ve invested essentially 10 to 15 years of your life on it.”
  • (20:26) - Addressing mental health issues among professionals inside and outside of the workspace - “That validation and personal moment with that patient that tells you that you’re appreciated, valued and that all the sacrifices you’re making are important.”
  • (28:24) - Avoid falling in the comparison trap and bypass outsiders’ opinions - “It’s really detrimental to everything to compare yourself to others, because the only person you can criticize is yourself.”
  • (34:57) - It all comes down to authenticity - “It’s hard to be vulnerable and open up because there’s that constant judgement. Ultimately, you have to have an authentic relationship with yourself.”