We are lucky enough to be joined by two of our paediatric and young adult trauma & orthopaedic surgical colleagues for this episode, Claudia Maizen and Manoj Ramachandran.

Chapter timings:

00:00:00  intro
00:01:10  paediatric orthopaedics at Barts Health
00:02:05  Claudia Amazing
00:03:31  Manoj Ramachandran
00:06:05  the 1st time Kash met Manoj
00:07:46  Manoj sneaks in a plug #orthofastfacts
00:08:38  everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth
00:09:21  global healthcare challenges in paediatric orthopaedics
00:10:57  unique positioning of The Royal London Hospital
00:12:05  Mark Paterson- the man and his legacy
00:15:54  story behind the Ghana visits
00:19:41  children are not small adults
00:20:05  logistics of providing paediatric orthopaedic care overseas
00:24:19  kit & saving the world one meniscus at a time
00:25:20  challenges of providing paediatric orthopaedic care overseas
00:29:17  raising funds for the Mark Paterson foundation
00:30:00  getting people involved
00:32:08  plans for future provision of wrap-around paediatric orthopaedic care
00:36:03  application of technology
00:38:10  Commonwealth Foundation / QMUL Scholarships
00:41:19  screening / DDH project in Mongolia
00:42:58  wrap-up

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