We start by talking about the repercussions of doing a podcast.

Pete then gives Kash closure as they discuss everything you could ever possibly want to know about binders (its not as dull as it sounds, honest).

They cover (amongst some other stuff) :

  • where does the bleeding come from in pelvic fractures
  • the nursery rhyme of the human centipede
  • how do binders actually work
  • how tight is too tight
  • should you use a binder in a vertical shear pelvic fracture
  • the implications of open pelvic fractures (v v bad)
  • the problems with binders
  • when to take binders off.

Chapter timings:
00:04:13  intro to pelvic binders
00:04:49  the evidence for binders
00:05:37  where should a pelvic binder be applied
00:06:33  how tight is too tight
00:07:29  the 3 ways binders work
00:09:25  where does the bleeding come from
00:11:38  soft tissue injuries
00:13:20  central venous pressure in trauma
00:13:45  dramatic pause
00:14:45  the case of the vertical shear pelvic #
00:15:39  Pete didn't have a telly
00:18:05  life-threatening open pelvic fractures
00:23:28  working with David Sellu
00:25:29  the problem with pelvic binders
00:26:28  when to take binders off
00:29:19  final take-home message (yes he does say it again)