Host Stephanie Pearce, MD

Guest interviewee Sumeet Garg, MD, FAAOS discussing his review article "Optimizing Expansion Clinic for Patients with Magnetic Controlled Growth Rods" from the May 15, 2022 issue

Articles summarized from the May 1, 2022 issue:

Review article "AAOS Clinical Practice Guideline Summary: Management of Osteoarthritis of the Knee (Nonarthroplasty), Third Edition"

Articles summarized from the May 15, 2022 issue:

Research article "Comparison of Several Combinations of Suture Tape Reinforcement and Suture Button Constructs for Fixation of Unstable Syndesmosis"

Follow these links to download these and other articles from the May 1 and May 15 issues of JAAOS.

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