We are joined by Mr Tom Quick for our first ever video podcast on everything orthopaedic surgeons need to know about nerve injuries.

You can listen to the audio here as usual on your podcast provider, but you can see the video plus a little extra on our YouTube channel here!

We have had some teething issues trying out this new video format and so you may hear an occasional glitch in the audio. Apologies if so, this has been fully rectified going forwards and we will fully return to the rich, golden tones you are so accustomed to. Even more reason to check out this first video!

Tom is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon working at the renowned Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and an ABC Fellow 2020/22. He also holds honorary consultant appointments at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Evelina's Children Hospital. In addition, he is an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London.

In this fun and fascinating conversation, we discuss:

  • functions of nerves and the classifications of nerve injuries
  • neurapraxia vs neuropraxia (and how to really annoy a PNI surgeon)
  • what actually happens when a nerve is injured
  • a practical guide for the assessment of nerve injuries
  • clinical examination and how to do it
  • special tests- Nerve Conduction Studies & EMG finally made simple!
  • what to do if you find a nerve intra-operatively that looks damaged or cut
  • the Brachial Plexus and why injuries here are so significant
  • some common everyday clinical scenarios with nerve injuries and what to do
  • the key facts about nerve transfers vs tendon transfers
  • neuropathic pain and how to deal with it
  • Tom's passion for open water swimming and the health benefits of sub-zero temperatures...
  • beekeeping and the health benefits of honey

You'll have a newfound respect for Schwann cells before the end too!

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