Mr Andy Williams (Fortius, London, UK) spends an hour speaking with us about his life lessons, philosophy on knee surgery and how to optimise your performance. This is an episode not to be missed!


01:40: From humble beginnings and overcoming imposter syndrome

04:29: Should orthopods be builders? How do we become more precise?

06:38: How did your fellowship and having experience abroad influence your practice? Should trainees aim for some time away and why?

11:18: How has your philosophy on knee surgery changed over time? How does treating elite athletes influence your management of non-athletes?

15:38: Are athletes anatomy different? Can you extrapolate your research and results in athletes to non-athletes?

18:06: Is ACL surgery easy? What are the 7 steps to the perfect ACL Reconstruction? What ACL Graft options do you consider and when?

24:14: How much data do you need to change your practice?

28:35: MCL injuries... should be be treating them surgically?

32:40: What is your non-operative MCL Rehab protocol and why?

35.20: What are the lessons that you've learned from professional sports?

40:46: The importance of having the right team, how to set-up a team and how do you choose your colleagues? How do you choose your physios?

46:45: The importance of being a perfectionist

47:50: Rehab prescriptions and what do muscles do? The importance of doing the basics really well.

50:30: The importance of psychology in sports

52:00: Any advice for trainees for how to optimise our training, adopt a winning mentality and become top surgeons?