We speak with Mr Emeka Oragui (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London) about femoral acetabular impingement, sportsman hernia and treating young patients with hip replacement surgery through an anterior approach.

In this episode we cover:

01:40: What is femoral acetabular impingement (FAI)?

06:00: Is hip arthroscopy witchcraft? 

08:20: Is subtle hip dysplasia under diagnosed? How does this link to FAI? 

10:27: Pearls of wisdom – How do you approach a young person with vague pain in the hip with an MRI scan showing a labral tear? 

20:10: Sportsman Hernia – an interface area. The anatomy and what is the genesis? What is the Doha agreement?

27:00: Should orthopods stray north of the inguinal ligament?

34:25: What can an orthopaedic surgeon do to treat sportsman hernias?

42:50: Anterior approach hip replacement