Join our new orthohub see one / do one episode on the difference between diversity, inclusion and equity with Johnson & Johnson Executive Board members, Hani Abouhalka and Lucy Morrisey!

Discover what exactly is it - is it some passing fad that we need to be seen to doffing our cap at to tick a box, or is it something we should all be putting right at the core of what we do?

Our two special guests help us explore this in our own particular way!

Hani Abouhalka is the company group chairman for Johnson & Johnson medical devices in Europe, the Middle East & Africa and is responsible for J&J's medical device businesses encompassing surgical technology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular and specialty solutions.

He is the executive sponsor of the Women's Leadership & Inclusion employee resource group and a board member of the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, a charity responsible for managing J&J's community impact programme.

We are also fortunate to be joined by Lucy Morrisey, who was previously blessed to have been Kash and Pete's boss at Barts as the Divisional Manager for Emergency Care and Trauma.

Lucy has previously spent time at the UCL Institute of Health Equity, as well as in senior management roles within some of London’s largest hospitals where she led large service transformation agendas. Lucy took the role of ‘Silver Command’ for the NHS cyber-attack and the London Bridge terrorist attack.

She is now a director in the Strategic Capabilities team at Johnson & Johnson and the Women’s Leadership Initiative Pillar Lead for UK and Ireland.

Lucy discusses her experiences of diversity and inclusion and brings a uniquely broad lens covering healthcare, the NHS and the corporate world.

In this wide-ranging conversation we cover many different topics including:
• what exactly are diversity, inclusion, equality and equity and why do they even matter?
• the value of role modelling, mentoring and sponsorship
• why do we need to change if everything is working fine as it is?
• is diversity and inclusion just trendy and “woke”, or does it hold real value?
• what does it look like when it’s done well?
• why would anyone ever want to become a healthcare manager?
• how orthopaedics often comes at the bottom of diversity tables and how best to address this
• are certain professions more appropriate for men and women?
• the role of unconscious bias
• what is it like being at the receiving end of dismissive behaviour and how to respond?
• stereotypes within surgery and in orthopaedics
• how diversity and inclusion vary around the world
• what can people in positions of privilege do to engage and to feel less awkward when discussions about diversity and inclusion arise
• and how can we all bake this into what we do for the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients

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