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World Orthopaedic Concern World Orthopaedic Concern conference 2021

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World Orthopaedic Concern UK is a charitable organisation dedicated to improving the standard of orthopaedic, trauma and reconstructive surgery in developing countries.

The aims of World Orthopaedic Concern UK are:

  • To provide orthopaedic education
  • To give help and advice to those setting up orthopaedic training and service programmes
  • To act as a pressure group in the UK to the NHS and to our colleagues, regarding orthopaedics in the developing world.
  • To offer practical help and support to those practicing orthopaedics and training in orthopaedics in developing nations.

Join us for the 7th Annual Conference of on Saturday 5th June 2021.

Session chair:

Deepa Bose - Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, UK

Invited speakers:

  • Trauma system development in low income countries: Haiti Trauma Study (20 mins) - Ms Michelle Joseph
  • British Society for Surgery of the Hand Overseas work – history and future plans (20 mins) - Mr Stephen Hodgson and Mr Jonathan Jones
  • Developments in AO Alliance support for care of the injured in LMICs (20 mins) - Mr Jim Harrison
  • Supporting global orthopaedics at a distance: Can it work? (15 mins) - Mr Tony Clayson
  • Bones, Moans and Blood Sucking Vampires = Orthopaedic Surgery in Malawi (20 mins) - Mr Kyle James

Trainee forum (10 mins each):

  • Feet First in Malawi - Ms Ruth Chelva
  • Setting up virtual teaching sessions for Guyana - Mr Ed Jenner
  • The role of clubfoot training programmes in LMICs - Mr Sharaf Sheik-Ali
  • Humanitarian Orthopaedics: A Foundation Doctors' Perspective - Mr Matthew Arnaouti

Organising Committee

  • Alberto Gregori - Vice Chairman
  • Steve Mannion - Past Chairman
  • Alwyn Abraham - Treasurer
  • Roz Tucker - Secretary
  • Jeeshan Rahman - BOTA WOC rep

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