Course Instructors

Mike Reed Mike Reed Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
Matt Costa Matt Costa Honorary Consultant Trauma Surgeon
An Murty An Murty Trauma Foot, Ankle and Limb Reconstruction Surgeon
Samantha Hook Samantha Hook Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

This session is all about proximal humeral fractures. We have an outstanding international faculty talking about everything necessary to treat proximal humeral fractures.


  • Session Chair : Prof Mike Reed
  • Matt Costa – Changing clinical practice in THR for Trauma
  • An Murty – Keeping your head screwed on - The case for fixation of the proximal femoral fracture
  • Sam Hook– Reasons to Replace: Why THR still has a role in NOF

Session overview:

Over the past decade we’ve witnessed a transformation in the treatment of neck of femur fractures. The introduction of Total Hip Replacement as a treatment option seemed to do away with the challenges of femoral head preservation and the revision rates of hemiarthroplasty. But is the tide turning again? Has recent evidence prompted us to reconsider and re-evaluate our decision making? This webinar has gathered leading voices from across the UK to provide updates and arguments on a topic that has relevance to every orthopaedic unit.

Prof Mike Reed from Northumbria will be our chair for the event and draw on his huge experience of hip fracture treatment to invite and steer discussion from our speakers.

Next Prof Matt Costa from Oxford will explore the evidence and discuss how this feeds into real life orthopaedic decision making and surgical cultures.

AN Murty from Northumbria will focus his talk on how to fix tricky proximal femoral neck fractures. He’ll talk us through his strategies to preserve the femoral using contemporary fixation techniques.

Finally, Samantha Hook from Portsmouth will describe why THR remains a viable option and can successfully restore patients to high levels of function.

Target audience: orthopaedic surgeons & trainees, junior doctors and medical students, orthopaedic industry & orthopaedic training / research institutions, orthopaedic nurses specialists, administrative staff and allied healthcare professionals.

We have applied for up to 3 CPD points from
The Royal College of Surgeons of England

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