Dr Anne Weaver is a consultant at London’s Air Ambulance. In 2004, she became the first female consultant in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care in the UK.

Anne has years of experience in pre-hospital care spanning the UK and Australia. In 2007 she became lead clinician for London’s Air Ambulance and co-founded the first pre-hospital care programme in the UK for medical students. She organises mentoring of the undergraduate medical students by London's Air Ambulance doctors. Anne is an honorary consultant, on call to advise crews from South East air ambulances in moments of uncertainty on scene. Anne is also a (resting) trustee of the London’s Air Ambulance charity.

Dr Anne Weaver led the blood on board initiative that brought pre-hospital blood transfusion from battle fields to civilian medicine in March 2012. Not only was a precedent set in London, Anne also led the development of protocols on efficient blood storage and safe administration of blood transfusion in the pre-hospital environment, making this innovation available to any air ambulance, aspiring to deliver the same standards of care.