We must not forget medical students when we think of the impact COVID19 is having on the healthcare community - the current cohort of students have committed to a career in medicine and will be the next generation of clinicians. COVID19 has had a profound impact on how medical schools can function whilst preserving standards of education and safety of their students. In this episode, Paedipods host Mr Pranai Buddhdev speaks to senior medical student representatives for two national societies, ASiT & BOTA, to explore and raise awareness of key issues medical students face including key guidance, support and resources available. We discuss final year student transition to foundation training, exams and electives, what pre-clinical and clinical students can do and contribute and how mental and physical wellbeing can be preserved. 


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Please see useful links below: 

MSC Medical Students Joint Statement: https://www.medschools.ac.uk/media/2625/joint-statement-on-registration-arrangements-for-final-year-students-and-f1-doctors.pdf

MSC Medical Students as Volunteers: https://www.medschools.ac.uk/media/2622/statement-of-expectation-medical-student-volunteers-in-the-nhs.pdf

GMC Medical Students: https://www.gmc-uk.org/news/news-archive/coronavirus-information-and-advice/information-for-medical-students

MSC Advice: [email protected]   

MDU COVID19 Advice: https://bit.ly/MDUMedStudents

Physical / Mental Wellness: http://bit.ly/CoronaCastEp1

Becoming a Dr: Live National twitter chat - What can you do as a medical student? Sunday 29th March 2020 18:00 GMT @BecomingaDr 

Educational Resources: https://geekymedics.com, https://www.medisense.org.uk, https://almostadoctor.co.uk, https://www.onexamination.com

Find more information about BOTA at: http://www.bota.org.uk

Find more informational about ASiT at: https://www.asit.org