Orthopaedic surgeons from all sub-specialties are amending the way they work in preparation of potential redeployment due to the #COVID19 Pandemic. Norfolk & Norwich hospitals have run paediatric virtual fracture clinics for over 2 years, and this discussion with Mr Anish Sanghrajka, we explore how we can reduce foot fall in hospitals significantly whilst maintaining patient safety & standards. 

The BOA has promptly released modified BOAST guidelines and BSCOS has updated members with suggestions to modify practice. We will discuss these in a further episode in the upcoming days. Please find resources below:

BOA Guidelines: https://www.boa.ac.uk/resources/information-for-boa-members-on-trauma-and-orthopaedic-care-in-the-uk-during-coronavirus-pandemic.html

BOAST Guidelines (Updated 24/3/20): https://www.boa.ac.uk/resources/covid-19-boasts-combined.html

BSCOS Public Safety Announcement to prevent paediatric fractures: https://bscos.org.uk (video)

POEM Virtual Clinic at NNUH: http://www.nnuh.nhs.uk/news/2018/09/23156/