Hey everybody! 

Welcome to our fourth episode of the Ankle Surgery Update. We would like to thank you all for supporting us and the feedback we have received. Our main intention is to present and discuss recent literature. But through your valuable feedback, it became apparent to us, that literature, throughout the world, is interpreted and lived differently. Therefore, we decided to introduce a new section to our podcast: Interviews with authors and experts in the field.

Therefore, it is our great pleasure to introduce our first interview guest to you: Benn Boshell! Ben is a podiatrist from the UK and Head of Service at Hatt Health & Movement Clinic. He is the author of “The Plantar Fasciitis Bible” and hosts the podcast “The Heel Pain Expert Podcast”.

The three of us had a great chat on insertional tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon. We focused predominantly on the appropriate diagnostics and non-surgical treatment approaches.

Thank you very much for listening to Ankle Surgery Update – Science Guiding Treatment. We hope, you will enjoy this new format and we are happy for any feedback! And of course, we hope you tune in next month again!

Hans & Sebastian