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Hanz Polzer, MD and Sebastian F. Baumbach, MD, are two academic orthopaedic ankle surgeons currently working at the Department of General, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Hospital, LMIJ Munich.

Compared to other joints the specialisation in the field of foot and ankle surgery was delayed. During the last 2 or 3 decades, there is a growing amount of research regarding the ankle. Observing exponential growth in studies and knowledge, it becomes challenging to keep track of new developments and publications in the field of ankle surgery. In order to stay up to date, Hanz and Sebastian decided to start a podcast on this topic.

Hanz and Sebastian designed a search strategy for Medline, which will identify the relevant articles in the top journals every months. Based on these, we will pick 3-4 studies, which will be presented and discussed in each podcast.

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