Welcome back listeners! In Episode 17 of #ThePaedipodsCast, podcast host Mr Pranai Buddhdev sits with Dr Peter Armstrong, Chief Medical Officer of Orthopedicatrics, a global brand providing implant solutions for paediatric orthopaedic surgeons. Heralding from Canada we hear about his medical training, experience with Dr Bob Salter, Appointment at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and subsequent appointment within the Shriners Healthcare System. Conquering the clinical practice of orthopaedics, we explore his journey into world of medical industry and how he has strived to help improve the care of children from a commercial side, whilst ensuring and optimising educational training for surgeons and healthcare professionals internationally. We hear about the efforts to improve knowledge thorough the sponsorship of fellowships, clinical courses and novel platforms including DocMatter where individuals can seek opinions from international renowned specialists.

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