Happy 2021 Listeners!!! We will continue to release episodes with the leaders, legends and luminaries of the paediatric orthopaedic field, as well as discussing topics such as physician wellness, human factors, research, technology and more!

Our first guest for Episode 15 is Mr Nick Nicolau, paediatric orthopaedic consultant with special interest in the paediatric knee from Sheffield Childrens Hospital. We discuss why there is a need for this subspecialty in the UK and in paeds orthopaedics and how there has been an incresing incidence of paeds/adolescent soft tissue knee injuries. We talk a lot about the evidence=based management of ACL injuries, Meniscal injuries, patellofemoral instability and more, and what is being done to ensure the new generation of surgeons have the availability of excellent training and fellowship opportunities.

We also talk about the planned 2021 Meeting: 2nd International Child & Adolescent Knee Congress in Sheffield 17-19th June 2021

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