Season 4, Episode 1.  In our inaugural episode for season 1, Chuck and Chris welcome Amy Moore and Dominic Power to discuss nerve!  Specifically, in this journal club format we review 4 recent JHS European articles as a format to discuss current concepts in diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Amy and Dom share their extensive experience and insights in this collaborative effort between The Upper Hand Podcast, Journal of Hand Surgery European, the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, and FESSH.  Enjoy!

Carita, et al High- resolution ultrasound in the diagnosis of failed carpal tunnel decompression: a study of 35 cases.  JHS Eur 47:364-68, 2022

Mackenzie, et al.  Carpal tunnel decompression in patients with normal nerve conduction studies.  JHS Eur 45: 260-4, 2020

Asserson, et al.  Return to work following ultrasound guided thread carpal tunnel release versus open carpal tunnel release: a comparative study.  JHS Eur 47: 359-63, 2022

Ratasvuori, et al.  Ultrasonography for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: correlation of clinical symptoms, cross- sectional areas and electroneuromyography.  JHS Eur 47: 369-74, 2022

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