shoulder instability

Wednesday 28th October 2020
8pm (GMT)

shoulder instability

Target audience – all orthopaedic practitioners, from consultants/attending grades through to surgical trainees, PAs, nurse specialists and plaster techs.


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The Royal College of Surgeons England has awarded upto 2 CPD points for this session

the dislocating shoulder - a quest for stability

This orthohub webinar has brought together leaders in the field of shoulder surgery from across the UK who describe their experience in the quest for stability.

We address the common but challenging scenarios that arise when treating instability. Firstly how should we treat the first time shoulder dislocation? We'll explore the rationale behind selecting those who can safely be treated non-operativley and distinguishing them from those who should undergo surgery.

Next we'll discuss how to approach the recurrent dislocator. How should we manage the soft tissues and what strategies should we employ when there's associated bone loss? How can  we contain the multi-directionally unstable shoulder?

Not only will we talk about decision making but, this webinar will describe surgical detail and technical tips.

All these Qs, and tons of others, confronted and answered by our totally awesome faculty.



Click on the faculty member to find out more about them.

pre-webinar cases

take the learning further
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Our faculty have put together these clinical cases, to get you thinking about the topic prior to the session.  After the session we will upload takeaway videos that explain the concepts behind the management of the cases.



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