Welcome to our first ever outside broadcast, "orthohub on tour", brought to you with the support of our colleagues at Clockwork Medical discussing the latest in sports knee surgery.
This roundtable discussion was filmed live at the Sports Knee Surgery meeting in Warwick as we bring you what's new and trending (and what's actually practical and sensible) in the world of sports knee.
We are joined by four top-notch guests with their fingers on the pulse in Tim Spalding, Pete Thompson, Sanjay Anand and Henry Bourke.
Kash is in heaven as he can finally talk about some 'PROPER' orthopaedics! He and the other speakers discuss the latest techniques and evidence arising, but let's face it- what we really want to know is how applicable is this all really to our daily practices, and what it is that they actually do.
Join us for lots of practical tips and tricks, learn about any changes the guests may make to their practices based on what they heard, and find out what things they definitely will not be adopting! Topics discussed include:
  • the latest in graft choices for ACL reconstruction
  • tips and tricks for harvesting and implanting BTB grafts
  • fixation options for lateral tenodesis, and how much rotatory control does it actually give you?
  • patella stabilisation, MPFL reconstruction and trochleoplasty
  • the evolution of tibial osteotomy
  • what to actually (really) inject for early knee OA
  • the role of biologics and what is the role (if any) for PRP
  • managing cartilage defects
  • cell based treatments vs osteochondral allografts
  • the challenge of allograft supply and working with tissue banks
  • meniscal repair and how to perform MCL release to obtain full access to the posterior horn and not damage cartilage
  • how best to manage meniscal root tears
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