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Welcome to our first citation classics from our Sports team! The goal of these episodes are to go over the most cited articles in a certain topic over the past 15-20 years to give learners an idea of what articles are being read and what are some of the important studies out there to read! Sports


Team! Tucker Peabody - PGY 1- Ohio Health Dr. Ehab Nazzal PGY-2 Pittsburg Tyler Thorne- MD4 John A Burns School of Medicine Tariq Said- MD5 - Missouri Wendell "Cody" Cole- PGY- 4 Tulane University About Nailed It Ortho: Get on top of the game, deepen your learning and further your practice with this Orthopaedic Surgery Podcast featuring Orthopaedic Surgery residents as they interview national and international experts to bring you key information and knowledge in the field. Dr. Jamal Fitts and Dr. Wendell Cole are here to light that fire under your feet and get your blood pumping with some good Orthopaedic Knowledge. We stay away from the boring, put you to sleep lectures, and just come with some high quality content and fun. Its a great podcast for attending physicians, residents, and medical students. Topics include high yield trauma, pediatrics, spine, sports, hand, and foot and ankle. There may also be some off brand topics. Connect with Nailed It Ortho: Visit the Nailed It Ortho PODCAST: Visit the Nailed it Ortho BLOG: Follow Nailed It Ortho on TWITTER: Follow Nailed It Ortho on INSTAGRAM: Follow Nailed It Ortho on FACEBOOK: