Welcome to the third episode of our “Citation Classics” series for Shoulder and elbow!

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The goal of these episodes is to go over the most cited articles in a certain topic over the past 15-20 years to give learners an idea of what articles are being read and what are some of the important studies out there to read!

In this episode we have Dr. Samuel Fuller, a PGY-1 resident at University at Buffalo, Dr. Alexander Macfarlane, a PGY-5 resident at University at Buffalo, Teja Polisetty, a 4th year medical student at Harvard University, Matthew Corsi, a 3rd year medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and Jalen Warren, a 3rd year medical student at Ohio University College of Health Sciences. This is the third episode of our shoulder and elbow citation classics, and they cover Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Outcomes! 


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