What makes me tick?

Teaching is a unique art and each student, with their own individual needs, strengths and weaknesses, presents a unique challenge. The greatest excitement I get is taking on the challenge of new students every day, adapting my teaching style to suit their needs. My aim is to help them grow, take on challenges no matter how difficult they may be and realise their potential to produce great results. Above all my motto is ‘there is no such word as impossible’.

Where did I train?

Training in Edinburgh as a doctor, university afforded me some fantastic experiences such as working for the European and Russian Space Agencies, winning three competitions to put the first student experiment in space (2002-4) and affording me the opportunity to present in an international environment, a frightening experience being chucked in the so-called ‘deep end’ which gave me early confidence in public speaking.

I started my basic surgical training and higher orthopaedic training on the Royal London rotation, Whitechapel (2006-17) completing this in October 2017 and am currently working in the Princess Alexander Hospital, Harlow.

Rishi is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow where he specialises in upper limb surgery. He was a Royal London trainee and undertook upper limb fellowships at Wrightington, Edinburgh and Melbourne. He is particularly passionate about teaching and has extensive experience at FRCS level, having set up the company let's talk dr where he teaches trainees both nationally and internationally on courses such as the blitz and syllabus course and through his teaching videos.

What are my interests?

Outside of medicine he maintains strong interests in travelling, adventure sports and singing, having performed at the O2, Royal tattoo and Royal Albert Hall.

However, it was really with politics that I found my calling and when the junior doctor contract dispute of 2015 hit, I became a spokesman performing numerous political interviews on BBC, Sky News, Channel five news amongst others. The high-pressure environment, the need to deliver ‘headline phrases’ in a fluent, confident manner and defend your position appealed to me.

Bringing it all together?

Above all, I’ve always found teaching to be both interesting and fascinating; a real skill to be able to simplify concepts and nurture them in others, particularly in oral exams where I felt there was a real gap. It hit me that music, politics, interviews…all these things I love and have grown up with…provide transferrable skills to bring to an oral exam (which is really – A JOB INTERVIEW!) and that was the inspiration for my LET’S TALK series.