Where do you start, when planning a lecture or presentation[LHL1] .  A lot of people begin by looking on their hard drive for the last talk they gave on the topic and working from there . They might even find someone else’s talk for inspiration and use that as their template. Or maybe they base the session around a cool case they did the other day - provided it went well! Sound familiar? But is that where we should start? In this episode, Lisa and Pete chat about how we should prepare for this type of session - not the delivery, but how you build it from scratch. We’re often quite lazy when putting together talks. We usually (and it is usually!) give the talk that we want to give, rather than the talk the audience need to hear. So often, speakers have not given any serious consideration to their audience before putting their slides together. We chat about that and how to get plans right, so the session you chair, the presentation you give, the keynote you deliver are pitched perfectly to the learning needs of your audience.

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