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Listen to our episode with Daniel Wrenne on Financial Mistakes. Daniel Wrenne has worked as a financial planner in Lexington KY since 2005.  In 2014, he founded Wrenne Financial Planning to follow his passion of building an advice firm focused on financial planning.  Ultimately, he loves helping others be their best financially.

Daniel’s vision is to build a multi-advisor planning firm that makes a difference in the industry and the lives of the clients they serve.  

Daniel is the host of the Finance for Physicians podcast, a podcast dedicated to delivering FINANCE content crafted specifically FOR PHYSICIANS that want to learn how to use money to live better lives. Check out the podcast here: 

In this episode, Daniel shares about avoiding financial mistakes and using money as a tool to improve the quality of life. He shares some informative points on queries you may have about finance, including:

  • Why financial mistakes happen.
  • How to handle a sudden increase in income.
  • Most commonly overlooked piece of the puzzle in financial planning.
  • Are your actions aligning with your values?
  • And more!

Show notes at: and 


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