Join us for our most fun and wide-reaching episode yet on orthohub’s see one / do one podcast for allied healthcare professionals: how to build a million-dollar healthcare business as a medical trainee. This time with two special guests: Ash Kalraiya and Anton Lin!

If you have ever had an idea for a product or a business, this podcast is for you!

In this episode we talk about: 
- how to take an idea and develop it
- who to approach and when
- how to overcome challenges, pitfalls and rejection
- how to bring in the right people to grow your company
- when and how to bring in investment 
- and how to protect your interests.

We use a healthcare business as a basis for our discussion, but the principles, lessons and tips are applicable to any start-up in any field.

Watch Ash, an orthopaedic resident (surgical trainee), share how he became the CEO and founder of Medishout. Listen to his amazing story on how he raised over a million dollars to develop healthcare’s first one-stop app to help hospitals predict problems and prevent bottlenecks so that staff can focus on patient care.  

Ash is also joined by Anton who provides unique VC insight as the money man. Starting with Anton's exciting past, including training at Sandhurst and being a Captain in Her Majesty’s Army for 5 years, hear him share his insight as a Venture Capital Fund Partner at Steed Capital. Anton tells us what it is that investors are looking for in a business idea that will convince them to finance it. He also discusses Intellectual Property and secret recipes!

In this video, we explore the difference between medical devices and digital health apps and the inherent challenges (and upsides) plus the truth behind Artificial Intelligence.

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