In the year 2021, you most likely have heard about Artificial Intelligence (or "AI") and/or Machine Learning. However, Machine Learning - the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and data - is actually seen as a separate part of AI that is focused on solving practical problems by using statistics and probability theory. This enables "intelligence" and is the foundation for AI.

So, as the field of medicine and healthcare systems contemplate the capabilities of AI with the aim to harness its powers to deliver care, where do we start? How do we (and can we) build a foundation by utilizing Machine Learning? What roadblocks/challenges do we face? Can healthcare and technology work together in this way? What is the intention of this technology, and are there ethical implications we must consider?

In this episode, guest Param Bidja - an accomplished Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services with experience in health informatics - Dr. Rosie Sendher and Dr. Erica Fisk answer these questions. Join them as they discuss the capabilities of AI, its application in the healthcare system, and the possible outcomes of harnessing data to deliver streamlined and more informed care.