Season 3, Episode 7.  Chuck and Chris review the excellent JBJS Hand Surgery Update which reviews key manuscripts in 2021.  Written by Deb Bohn and Kelsey Wise, this is a great summary of new, key information in the hand surgery world.  

Bohn DC and Wise KL, Whats New in Hand and Wrist Surgery.  JBJS, 2022;0: 1-8

Chris also references this review article on the ulnar nerve
Goldfarb, C. A., & Stern, P. J. (2003). Low ulnar nerve palsy. Journal of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, 3(1), 14-26.

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As always, thanks to @iampetermartin for the amazing introduction and conclusion music.  And thanks to Eric Zhu, aspiring physician and podcast intern.