Episode 30, Season 2: Chuck and Chris talk vacations- the science and the practice.  Using HBR references (HBR Article : We All Really Need a Vacation. Here’s How to Make the Most of It. by Art Markman. May 12, 2021) and our own experience/ challenges, we discuss the need for vacation, making the most of the vacation and some of the questions we all consider such as: 
Do you work on vacation?  
Do you answer emails and if you do, when? 
How do you prepare for re- entry? 
Do you leave an out of office email?  
How do you handle postoperative patients?

As always, thanks to @iampetermartin for the amazing introduction and conclusion music.
theupperhandpodcast.wustl.edu.  And thanks to Eric Zhu, aspiring physician and podcast intern.

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