Douglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA, FAOA, spoke with Scott Porter, MD, FAOA, Orthopaedic Oncologist and Vice Chair of Operations in the Department of Orthopaedics at Prisma Health, Greenville, South Carolina, to discuss how changes in compensation will affect access to patient care in the future. 

Throughout the discussion, the concepts of rationing healthcare, bundling, and the future of compensation models are evaluated. Dr. Porter explains that compensation affects physician behavior which directly impacts access to patient care. The limitation or creation of access to patient care is created by the physician, while rationing healthcare is only due to overconsumption.

Dr. Porter describes his ideal situation for future patient care, which involves a way to fund a healthcare account owned by the patient. This can be used as a means to pay for healthcare in the future, which can also be gifted and transferred to others. 

In conclusion, Dr. Porter states that it is not a matter of whether changes in compensation will affect access to patient care, but how it will influence access.